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Introducing Singer/Songwriter Carl Keith

This website is dedicated to provide my friends with information about my music and how to contact me.   My new self-titled album, Carl Keith, is available at www.cdbaby/cd/,, and most other Music Sites like, Verizon's Rhapsody, and Yahoo Music.  This new CD features 21 original songs with a mix of Jazz, Country, and Blues sounds.  I have also just completed my first Music Video featuring a song from my new CD called The Night I Met the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans.   The video has been posted to YouTube, and you can see more about it and also about New Orleans on my other website  You can contact me by email at, or by phone now in the Dallas area at 469-500-0424.  Thanks for visiting my website.
P.S.  Click here to visit my website about New Orleans,, to see some great photos and places to visit in New Orleans.  You can also listen to some of my songs about New Orleans as each page of the website plays a different song about New Orleans like Bringing Back New Orleans, The Night I Met the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, At the Mardi Gras, You Might've Been to New Orleans, and The Jazz Fest is Best.

Cover Shot for my latest Album: Carl Keith

A Few Notes From Carl
I have been writing songs since the summer of 2005, and started recording some of my first songs in the Fall of 2005.  The first song that I ever wrote, Run Away Little Deer, was written with a country style as were Gettin My Six Pack Back, I Don't Mind if I Fall Behind, Born In Bryan, She Set the Hook With Just One Look, I found Love When I Wasn't Lookin, Why I Love Louisiana, and the title track Bayou Country Rhythm & Blues.  There is also a great song about Texas called Born in Bryan, that tells a story about so many of the great places to see in Texas, and I really was born in Bryan, TX.  Several of my other songs are what I would call blues or rhythm & blues like Bringing Back New Orleans, Built on the Bayou, the Jazz Fest is Best, You Might've Been to New Orleans, Don't Be Mean to New Orleans, The Other Famous Street Down in New Orleans, and At the Mardi Gras.  All these songs, plus a few more are on my new self-titled CD, Carl Keith.  The album is now complete and available at I-Tunes,  & CD  Just click the link above for I-tunes or CdBaby above to buy individual songs or the whole album.

This album is a mixture of Country and Rythm & Blues from the bayou area in and around New Orleans, and I wrote every song on the album.  My mother, a music major herself, started my out on the piano when I was four, and I started singing about the same time, and later learned to play the drums with my own small band in Junior High.  So, with the help of Apple's Mac Mini and Garage Band software, I was able to play the piano, drums, and other instruments on my digital keyboard, and sing all the vocals on every song.  So enjoy my music, & I invite you to visit my other website to see great photographs of the city post-Katrina.  I hope that both my music and website will inspire you to come and visit the great city of New Orleans, and once you do I think you will fall in love with New Orleans just like me.

Carl Keith 
Ph. 469-500-0424

BMI Registered Artist

This is a shot taken at one of the two pianos at Pat O'Brien's piano bar in the French Quarter.

This Photo Taken at Pat O'Brien's Piano Bar
Coming soon, my first music video of my song "The Night I Met the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans.

Once again, thanks for visiting my website, and I will build upon this homepage as time and sales permit.

Carl Keith